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Maybe someone here can help?

Okay so I worked on my surface 180 the whole time I was riding today. My problem is that I can get parallel to the boat and turn to ride switch, but then it feels like I'm not strong enough to stay up once im riding switch, so I fall. So after that, I tried getting up and just riding switch without getting into it from the 180- and even then I could get up switch but it didn't feel strong enough and I would fall- anyone have any pointers on how I can do a clean 180 and back to riding with my left foot forward???
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try adjusting the angle of your bindings. You may have them angled too far apart. What kind of setup do you ride? I ride a hyperlite temet 143 w/ hyperlite 3ds bindings and their new claw system.
Im on a double up greg nelson pro 141 with liquid force ultra bindings there hooked down on the third peg from center on both bindings.
are they both set like that or is one angled more than the other? You ought to angle ur back foot jus like 1 notch in so it's more of a snowboard stance... it may help. Otherwise jus keep workin on getting up switch and keep your body weight centered over the board. Which way are you falling generally? Face plant or backwards?
faceplant- basically im eating shit everytime I try lol
ur body weight is shifting forward. Try to lean back a bit and it should counteract that.
alright, thanks :)
no prob. If you need anymore help drop me an im. Speedball10169
Alright I might take you up on that offer lol
i have pretty much the same problem. I found out i can do more without fins... but i dont like jumping fin-less.. So, im going to buy smaller fins (shorter)..maybe you could try that?
glad to know im not the only one lol- i should def try it with a shorter fin.
You probably need to get used to riding switch also. It doesn't come naturally.
yea it seems pretty much like that. Im not used to the new balance of it. Im gonna see if going to the gym and working on my goofy side muscles (lol) helps a bit cause it almost seems like my right leg is so strong compared to the left. Also my cousin who I bored with said I'm not bending my knees enough- although Im getting smoother on turning into switch.
Agreed. It takes time to get switch riding right. After you get comfortable w/ that, I wonder if starting off switch and doing a 180 onto your strong side would be easier while you're getting the hang of it.
yea I think its just getting comfortable with it. Im getting closer tho
i bought smaller fins and it helped so much! i think my fins are 1 inch or so. that helped and also dropping my back hand once i was switch helped. i dunno. keep tryin
thanks :)
smaller fins mean nothing. They actually make it more difficult cuz they don't track as well. I use smaller fins cuz I've been riding a long time and am sponsored. I compete on an amateur level w/ pros tho.
yea I don't really even have the ccash right now to buy smaller fins right now, and if I can already swin around to switch then what does it matter right? Thanks for the advice man.